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In Stone Center Holding's Architects Club, there's a wide variety of stones with over 600 different options available in various categories and colors. To view all PBR stone textures, you can click on the shop button to see all types of stones at once and use the color filter to specify the texture color and type of stone, and benefit from these textures.
Furthermore, by selecting the desired type and color of stone among the available options, you can quickly search the website and view results relevant to the texture of the desired stone.

How to join and access the Stone Center Architects Club

According to your numerous requests, dear architects, at the 23rd International Construction Industry Exhibition Architects Club It was intended to provide you dear ones with 4K quality and PBR texture of the stones of the Center of Stone Holding exhibition.

In this video, you will learn how to join and log in Architects Club We introduce it, hoping that you can use it in your projects.

Categorization of Stone Center Holdings products

Free download repository of stone textures, Stone Center Architects Club Holding

The Stone Center Architects Club Holding, as the largest free PBR stone texture bank with 4k quality, has begun its work. Here, high-quality and diverse PBR textures that every architect and interior designer needs, such as: facade stone texture, pavement stone texture, white stone texture, marble stone texture, various travertine textures, and more, are provided to you for free. By joining the Stone Center Architects Club Holding, you will have access to the best and latest stone textures in Iran. Stay tuned with the largest source of stone textures in Iran.

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